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Why Judge a book by its cover?

(Excerpt from Book)

In today’s society people tend to judge people by looks instead of what’s inside. Women seem to prefer tall, handsome men to overweight men. A recent Jenny Craig advertisement had an overweight man are depicting how he lost weight to find a girlfriend, but there are no centres I can go to solve my problem. Anorexia is another I am that affects people trying to improve their image.



Pursuit of a Killer

Cover1(Excerpt from Book)

Police arrived at a murder scene where a dead man’s body had been discovered in bushland, two officers cordoning off the area around the body. Det. Sgt Bedford and Const. Woodall reviewed the scene. The deceased was a male in his mid-fifties. One of the detectives reached into the deceased’s pocket for his wallet and found a driver’s licence and a business card.
“Perry Holden, of Holden and Wallace Associates, Accountants and Property Development,” announced Cons. Johnson.
“Contact Mike Wallace and break the news to him,” directed DS Bedford.