Do Women Think Men With CP Are Bad Lovers?

Do Women Think Men With CP Are Bad Lovers?

I’m Kel McLean from Bundaberg Qld, I’m 35, I’m a man with Cerebral Palsy and confined to a motorised wheel. I have been single for all of my adult life. I have tried everything to find a female partner from personal adverts, introduction agencies, internet personals and asking friends to set me up, and nothing has worked.  In 2006 I registered with RSVP internet dating service, I have e-mailed number of women during August & January but no replies.

I asked friends why women won’t date me and most friends say that they perhaps afraid of hurting me or saying the wrong thing.  I wonder why a woman would date any man if they’re scared of hurting them or saying the wrong thing.  I understand women’s fears but I think there are more chances that women won’t hurt me or say the wrong thing if they treat me as an able body man. Imagine if you couldn’t get a date because the opposite sex was scared of hurting you and saying the wrong thing.  Would you feel frustrated and would you feel like the opposite sex think you’d be a bad lover?

One of difficulties with me is my speech impairment, when somebody meets me, they find it very hard to understand what I am saying which may scare women off from dating me, but if they spend time with me, gradually they’ll pick up my speech, I’ll spell words which they can’t understand.  I’m member of the Bundaberg Apex Club and the club has raised funds for the Cerebral Palsy League to purchase a speech board which will be better then pointing to the words on my word chart.

People with disabilities have been round for lots of years and there are people who are still afraid how to treat people with disabilities, just treat them as another person, we’re all human.  If you are afraid about how to treat a person with Cerebral Palsy get a book about C.P from library, log onto the Cerebral Palsy League website and find out about C.P, if you know a friend who knows somebody with C.P, talk to them.
Perhaps the man with Cerebral Palsy could bring a friend along on the first date, to help with getting to know the man; the friend doesn’t have to be there all the time.

What if a man has quality such as great sense of humour, caring, romantic, he’ll remember your birthday (how many men can do that?) he does his washing.  Women may think he sounds like a nice man who women like to date.  What about if the man has C.P?  Should that make a different?  A man is still a man.

Statistics shows that people with disabilities are more reliable when it comes  to their employment, they unlikely to take days off and  they apply themselves to the tasks more then their able body colleagues because they’re more appreciating of having a job and it’s harder for people with disabilities to gain employment.  Can we apply the same principal to dating somebody with a disability?  It’s harder for people with disabilities to find love that when a person gives them a chance for love, they would appreciate the chance and they’ll be more likely to be faithfully and won’t take love granted.

These days it seems to be harder for women to find their partner these days, should women extend their choice of men?  A drop dead gorgeous guy is no guarantee that he’s nice and faithful.  A man with Cerebral Palsy could be very romantic but how will a woman know if she doesn’t take the chance to get to know him.