Should The Disability Insurance Scheme Be a Part of Medibank?

Should The Disability Insurance Scheme Be a Part of Medibank?

One of the political footballs is passing between the federal and the states governments, are how to fund the D I S.  The showdown isn’t like a build up for State of Origin match, the ALP Governor states supporting Julia Gillard about the amount of funding that is needed for the D I S, while the other states disagree regarding the money, similar to Mal Melinga disagreeing with Ricky Stuart.

Over twenty five years every time I need a new chair it takes 6 to 9 or even more months to get the chair.  I have to get measured up, either know my height and weight which hasn’t changed much since I was eighteen.  The funding has to be approved which takes up to 3 or 4 months and then the chair is made.

To give an example of political B S that I have to suffer from Government Departments like Blue Care, on May the 14th a request for a new motorised wheelchair to Blue Care. I haven’t heard from Blue Care since July the 3rd. My Support worker and I rang a representative from Blue Care to ask about when am I getting measured up for a new chair. She said there’s 4 people in front of me and it should take a couple of weeks so I can get measured up. On July the 26th I haven’t heard back since the 3rd, I rang the rep myself using my speech board and I asked when will I get measured up, she said we haven’t made an appointment.  I said I rang you 3 weeks ago, and she then gave the spin, ”It won’t happen overnight,”  And “There have been some jobs cuts”. She was with an office worker, and by saying “Look in the diary.” only then did I get an appointment, we worked out a date of August 20th. I’m not sure how long I would be still waiting if I hadn’t rung.

The funding comes from Queensland Government through MASS (Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme) which is free for me but I have to wait which is extremely frustrating.  I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more on my Medibank each month if it means getting my chair sooner? As individual person with a disability and citizen of Queensland,

I should  have the right to choose to obtain my motorized wheelchair through a private health fund where I’m contributing part of the money which allows me seek a private occupational therapist to assist me with the application for a new wheelchair.  This will empower me to have a freedom of choice the same as able bodied people.  A private health fund isn’t called ABIS (Able bodied Insurance Scheme).